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The guy did sell this one. 1970 Air grabber hood, discs and Dana.
1968 Superbee had a 318 in place of the 383.  Needed 1/4 work, but pretty solid.  Owner was living a few states away.  Called, wouldn't sell of course.  He ended up giving it to a buddy that pulled the front suspension off and junked the body.
Same guy owns this one but won't sell.  1969 Road Runner, new 440 and new 737.  Guy took it for a run, something broke on the 440, parked it.  Car has sat for 25 years.  Has so much crap piled on and around it you can hardly see it.  Ohio
Sitting in front of the orange 1970 is this Original Plum Crazy small block Challenger.  These two cars are sitting next to a creek that floods often.  When the Challenger was moved, it broke in half.