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    1967 ? Barracuda      Paul, MN
  I came across this car in a junkyard aobut 7 years ago while pulling parts for another project.  It was in so-so condition and I thought, I'll come back for it.  Well, 7 years later I go to check it out and it had been moved and stripped.  The yard owner said it was delivered on a logging truck and dropped off with the claw!  It ws a 71 Cuda, automatic car, with billboard stripes.  Located in MI.  Paul
  Sport Fury Convertible.  It was a 383 4-speed and loaded with options.  The body was perfect and nothing was missing from the car.
This is a pic of a 1969 Charger in Canada which sucks because it has no frame, no floor, and the only thing it does have is a tree growing right through it and I wanted to buy it.  Steven