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A friend of my brother-in-law brought this car to his place about 15 years ago and told him he would need his help restoring it.  Of course he never got around to it and into the barn it went.  I have been trying to get it for several years.  I just finished my 73 Cuda, another rescue case and decided to give it one more try.  To my surprise he gave in to my $2000 offer.  We drug it out of a barn in Kansas, put some gas and water in it.  It started right up.  I drove it on the trailer and brought it home.  The body has almost no rust, it has AC, PS, deluxe sound system and many other rare factory options.  All of the parts that were not on the car were in the trunk.  Kevin
    We found this 72 Demon that was sitting for 15 years in a small garage, we try many times to buy the car.  We finally got it.  The restoration will begin as soon as possible.
71 or 72 Charger sitting in a back yard.  The cragers on this thing are huge.  He also had a lot of Charger parts laying on the other side of his yard.