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1972 Charger SE, Snakeskin Top, Disc Brakes, Hidden headlight Grill.  Dan S.
1972 Challenger on ice.  Dan S.
I found this 69 318 Auto Charger through a guy at a car show.  He was selling the grill and I asked about the rest of it.  The back window had rotted out and fell into the car.  It was missing it's power train and a lot of other stuff but I put air in the tires and brought her home.  The whole rear floor and frame is gone, the only thing holding up the back is the coil over the shocks.  When I rolled it off the trailer in the junk yard the whole rear end caved in.  It's a shame it was a cool shade of green.  As usual the guy I got it from said the guy who abandoned it was going to restore it.