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Here is a pic of my 1967 Coronet R/T Convertible.  Canada
This is a 1969 4-speed Road Runner for storage.
This car is interesting.  It started out as a 71 Hemi Road Runner in Nascar.  It was driven by Ricky? Richard? or Something? Engineering.  It had the 71 Body removed later and a Volare body put on apparently.  Everything is gone now except the rusted old body.
Here is a pic of my newest rotter when I picked it up at the junkyard.  It is a 69 Road Runner that has been sitting in a junkyard since 1985.  All the dents were from the junkyard, has a 68 front end on it.  Was parked because of a bad tranny, very trashed.  Good for parts only, the good news is that it will donate parts to fix my 68 GTX and 69 Satellite and a few structural pieces to save my 68 Superbee.  So it will live on in a way.  Jim in Kansas.