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I'm not real sure what these cars had or their history.  I never got a chance to see them.  These pics were taken in the 80's.  My Dad remembers one of them being a 4-speed but that's about all I know. The guy that owned them was a real mopar nut.  Supposedly he had a 6-pack set-up just laying around.
Here are a couple of shots of a 1970 Challenger I ran into by surprise in the mid-west.  It is sitting in the back lot of some guys house.  The car was his and his ole ladies for a long time till he got kids and had to buy a minivan.  He bought a Plymouth which is next to the car rotting away as well.  I returned to his place after I caught him and he let me take the extra shots.  The car is an original inline 6 banger with buckets and console.  The paint was white with burnt orange interior.  The original motor looks to be intact and fender tag as well.
The first is my buddy's old green 62 dart race car.  His dad bought it in 64 and raced it all over Texas and NHRA division 4 from 1964 until he died in 1986.  The car was very well known in Texas and won a lot, had many different motors in it including max-wedge, 383, 361, 413, is currently awaiting rebirth.
The second pic is my buddy's red 67 Fury III 2 door.  It's a 383 and is in pretty decent shape despite sitting for 20 years or more.