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  Here is a then and now pic.  My moms 69 Sport Satellite Conv.  Little pic is in 87 at the local labor day parade.  Big pic is what it looks like now and how it's been since 90.  No thrills, just a 318 auto car.  Dane
This car has been sitting for years after a hard life as a drag car.  It's a very rare Sublime Green car with bench seat and an 8 Track.  The original owner contacted me and told me he had wrecked it in 73.  It will take some work to get this baby back on the road but trust me it will!  Larry
Here is a 69 Runner Convertible.  My Dad bought this car in 81 for the outrageous price of $750.00 after wrecking his hardtop.  He and I started the resto when I was 15 years old and now I am 25 and this is how it sits.  I keep telling him that a 383 4-speed runner convertible should not be used as a storage bin.  Dane