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1973 XA Fairmont Coupe, it's a classic Australian muscle car.  It was originally fitted with a 302 Cleveland and C4 Auto Borgwarner 8 inch diff.  I bought it about 6 months ago in this condition, it was an in-land car, badly weather beaten but only minor rust in the lower panels, it should make a great project.  Shane


This is how I found the 66 in the field at the house.  I rescued this charger a few years ago.  Was sitting in a field next to a house in CA.  Had to buy a 66 parts car to go with it.  Bought it for 1200 after some negotiations.  Working slowly on restoring it.  Have brand new carpet and seats.  My 67 is in the background that was rescued from an impound lot also in CA.
      These are from TX