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This is another fine example of a Challenger gone to waste.  Original B5 Blue.
It's an original Plum Crazy Purple Challenger R/T.  It's sad to see something like this in a yard, or a barn or anywhere besides the road or car show's.  It was a 4-speed car, not sure of the motor, assuming a big block from the set up.
This 69, 383, 4-speed Superbee was picked to the bone.  But still take notice of the chain on the rear bumper holding it in place to keep someone from stealing what was left.
This one's a damn shame.  It's sitting in one of our local junk yards.  It's a 440 6-pack car.  It also had the 4-speed Pistol Grip shifter still in it.  The dana 60 is still with the car laying underneath on the ground.
All of these cars belong to 2 tattooed muscle car fanatic's in Wisconsin.