This is a 1955 GMC Panel Truck.  It was owned by my really awesome Uncle who was a auto body magician and a weekend warrior at the drag track with his bad monte carlos. He left this world 10 years ago. Back then the truck was in awesome condition. But it was then sold to a not so cool guy a year later. It hasn't turned a wheel for eight or nine years until I decided to pull it out and take a look at it. The owner refuses to sell it and says he will be coming by to pick it up next week and make a motorcycle carrier out of it, but he never does. I suppose he'd rather see it rot than ride. It has the original straight six engine with only 25,420 miles on it and fires right up. The roof is falling through in some spots and rotting the wood floor. It will probably turn into a planter by the time he decides to do something with it.  Michael
    This 1956 Nomad is sitting by the ocean and is not for sale.  Someone put a 4-speed in it, it has 66 Chevelle buckets and some 60's speed parts. The ocean is eating this car away.
  A friend of mine shot these pics of a 56 Chevy 2 door sitting in a collapsed barn, car is complete with super clean interior. Could not get a hold of the owner.