This is a 1955 Thunderbird.  My mom purchased this car used from her Father-n-law in 1957.  She and one of my grandfather's mechanics went through the engine together in IN.  The next year, my mom and dad moved to FL.  The was hit in 1960 and poorly repaired.  She drove it for about 5 more years.  About 3 years later she took it to a shop for more repairs.  Someone stripped it and then it was parked.  It was out in the open for about 20 more years.  My mom is so attached to this car that she cannot part with it.  It is under a tarp in a barn at my house now.
I can think of a funny story about the car that she had related to us.
My mom was a bass violin player, one time going to a job she figured a way to stuff a bass violin into that Thunderbird.  A local policeman thought that her vision might be obstructed.  She talked him out of a ticket.  She said that she would slow down in small towns, believing that they were looking for sports cars and good looking women.  When we were kids we would play on that "old car" and pretend the front fender was a horse.  We were promptly scolded off of the car.  She said she wants to be buried in the thing but I think it will go to the family.
I am in the process of building a proper workshop now and plan to restore the car.  This will be a labor of love.  I hope to have all of the funds I need to complete the project before my Mom passes away sot that she can ride in it one more time.  Marshall
This 57 Belair is very restorable and looks solid.  Although not for sale, he was nice enough to let me get this pic.  JT     TX
  We found this behind the back fence of my brother's new house after he cut down all of the bushes that were obscuring it from view.  It appears to be either a 39 or 40 Ford Panel Wagon that looks like it's been there a very long time.  Notice how the thing has sunk into the ground all the way down to the rear axle, as well as the moss growing in the seams between the body panels.  We're planning on making contact with the homeowner to find out the story behind it, and possibly getting them to let go of it.