Here are some pics of an old 1961 Buick Skylark with the all aluminum nail head, and it's all original, nothing removed yet.
1956 Thunder Bird.  We purchased the car in December 2000.  The car sit in the barn for more than 15 years.  It was last registered in 1973 when the owner then started to restore it.  In 1985 he sold the car to the owner I bought it from.  After 15 years of planning to do the restoration he sold it.  30 years later the restoration is 99% complete.
Here is a 1955 T-Bird in Rhode Island.
This car has been sitting here for approximately 20 years.  It is in some sad shape.
This is my 1957 Pontiac Chieftain 2 door sedan that my great uncle bought new.  When he died in 69, my uncle bought it and put it in his sister's (my aunt) basement.  It had been there until 1996 when I bought it.  The car only has 9441 miles on it.  I plan on redoing it soon, it will not need much, just mechanical stuff redone.  The car was in Ohio and I hauled it to Georgia, where I live.  Thanks, Joe