1969 Impala Convertible  I've bought it out of OH and learned that it was built from NY with factory original 327 and PG tranny with just 61,925 miles on it, I put it in storage and hope to restore when financial status permits.  David
      This is my step brothers 69 Camaro SS 427.  It has has been sitting here for over 10 years that I know of.  It is a factory 427 car.  If you notice the rear pic someone wanted the rear spoiler really bad, they cut the rear trunk to get it.
      1972 Lemans  This car was originally my sisters in high school which my dad had bought for her for $1000.  It was a good car at that time and it ran well.  After she was out of school it ended up in the back yard for a year, well when I got into high school it was passed down to me, and I fell completely in love with it!  Well, I fixed it up and added the Z28 rims and a 400 engine.  I kept it right up until the day I left for the navy which at that point I sold it (what a mistake).  After going around the world a few times I started thinking about my old lemans again and when I went home on leave I started to ask around as to what happened to it.  I finally found it after 2 years of searching!  It went through 4 more owners in the 4 years I was gone and the latest owner had managed to wreck it on one side.  Some how the 400 and the rims disappeared too.  Now I'm trying to coax the owner out of it again.  A.J.
    Camaro, I got lost and found this sitting in Canada slowly decaying.  From the look of the tires, it's been there for quite some time.  Interior looked ok but moss was growing on the perimeter of the rear window & trims.  Marky