This car is literally in a barn my father owns.  It has been there since 81 or82.  I now own the car.  In 1980 my brother came home with this car.  He bought the car less the motor.  The previous owner had blown the motor and taken it out.  In the trunk were the headers, alternator and power steering pump and water pump w/deep groove pulleys.  The car is an L-78 396/375 horse convertible.  The original motor was later tracked down and acquired.  Despite its down to the bone condition the car is 95% complete with gauge console, tic-toc-tach w/6,000 redline, mint condition black hounds tooth interior, tilt column with mint condition rosewood wheel, am/fm radio, 4 speed.  It has the original 12 bolt .373 rear end.  The convertible top is in the box in the pictures.  The rest of the car is in my house.  In 1980 you could still go to the Chevy dealer and buy all the NOS parts you needed.  My brother spent $9,000 back then on all NOS chrome trim, grills, switches, relays.  The original color is butternut yellow.  It took ten years but I finally convinced my brother to sell it.  I bought the entire package from him and will start the restoration this winter once my new garage is done.  Matt

    1968 Firebird, the motor is still there and it has been parked there since 2002.  Won't sell.  There is 2 pitbulls in the yard with it.  It has bad rust on the back fender and trunk and hood.  It has the battery box in the back.  I put a battery in it when I bought it and it runs and I drove it home.  The guy said it was a 400 and rebuilt in 1999.  The other car is a 1968 Camaro I got for free in 2002 with no motor.  The floor and frame and all underneath is history.  It has been hit twice in both ends. 
        This 1967 Factory 442 Olds was sitting behind a guy's house in MA.  Ps, pb, factory a/c, factory tach, boxed lower control arms, buckets and floor shift car.  It has a @30 455 with GA heads in it.  Complete car, just needs complete restoration.