This is a 1972 Buick GS 350 I found sitting in the backyard of a house in MN.  I tried to buy the car for a month but the owner would not sell (found out later he was the original owner) then after that another month went by I took a drive by the car again and found a for sale sign in the back window.  I bought the car that day for $400, put a fresh battery and gas in it and three pumps later it came to life.  Car has the rare n-25 exhaust tip option, 195hp 350/auto, non ac car, factory in dash tach still works.  Also included an after pic when I just got the car back from being painted, paint is original color for this car which is  called flame orange, I added the gsx spoiler and now has a 520hp 455 under the hood.
  I spotted this original 1967 RS/SS Camaro one day and knocked on the door and left a business card but heard nothing back.  On another day when I saw that there had to be someody home I tried again but still no answer.  A few weeks later I was talking to a friend of mine about it who said that he had seen it too.  He had stopped with a co-worker and were looking over the fence at it when the owner came out, even though they tried to explain the owner ripped their heads off and threatened to call the cops.
    I found this car in a farm yard in Canada and was lucky enough to be able to salvage it.  It has the original 283 #'s matching original everything...the car was parked in 91 and driven to its resting place and was started about every 2 years and then the last 4 years nothing.
Found these 3 Pontiacs in a local yard in MI.  Not much left to them, no drive trains.  The frames have all rotted away along with most of the lower sheet metal.  All 3 cars are stuffed with parts that look to be mostly garbage now from being out in the elements for so many years.  Mark