This 1969 Firebird has been sitting for a while, very savable, didn't need much.  Car was not for sale though.  PA
Been driving by this car off the highway for 7 years...hasn't moved.  So I decided to get off the closest exit and ask about it.  Finally found the car and knocked on the door.  He is getting it done "next weekend".  Yeah right buddy.
  I found these 2 Corvairs sitting in a field in TN recently.  Now being used as planters at a local business.  Mike
      Here are some pics of a 1973 Laguna Wagon that I bought.  It had been sitting since 1985 behind a barn.  It had a 454 with a turbo 400 trans.  The car was so rotted the windshield rotted right out the engine and trans are getting rebuilt and the rest went to the crusher.