Got a message on my machine this past weekend regarding a note I left on a 1967 Chevelle.  Called the guy back and asked if the car was a 4 door, and was told it's not a Super Sport, and I then asked when did I leave a note on the car and he told me 10 years ago!  After getting directions on where the car was now located, I took a ride to check it out.  The guy who called me did say it wasn't as nice as when I first looked at it, and after looking at the car, I remembered it wasn't that nice way back when either.  Did notice the car was a stick with a Hurst Comp.  Plus, I said I wasn't asking what shifter, but if the car had a 3 or 4 speed trans, and he said he didn't remember but said it was worth a lot of money(?)  Based on that, and the price he wanted for the car, I told him he could keep it.  Dave
Here is what is left of a 1968 GTO.  It was a 4-speed.  The pic was taken in the line at the shredder.  Notice the ram air hood underneath the car with the hole for the hood tach.
    My dad has this car in his barn since the 70's.  My dad still has the check that his drandad wrote for the car in 1971.  It had a 396-350 horse in it when it was bought new, factory holly carb, 4-speed still has the original posi rear end, still has the right 4-speed, the hood was stolen in the mid 80's, the bucket seats were taken out in the mid 70's, still has original console shifter, took the 396 out and put in 350 in 72.  The original motor is gone.  It's been in old buildings of one kind or another since 1975.  Had trouble with theft, the car was left unguarded for years so he hung this hand written sign and got results.  The sign is no longer up, it is in the barn with the car.  Will not sell car, his oldest grand-daughter is named Chevelle.
I drug this thing home after I saw it in the paper.  Sat in the woods for 12 years with the windows down and the hood off.  I sold it to a guy who used it to restore his 79-WS6.  Jersey