This red on black 1967 Chevelle is VERY nice for being virtually "un touched" and has a BB 396 with a 4 speed.    JT   Texas
7(?) 442 that was real nice about 8 years ago.  Was parked one day and now just sinks into the ground.  Never anyone home to ask about the car.
This was a decent car about 14 years ago.  Sits in a junk yard and they still say they will fix it.  The rain ate a rust hole 2 inches wide on the bottom of the vinyl top.  Poor old bird...
    I was talking to a woman I work with about cars and she brought up a 1969 Camaro she has in her backyard.   I asked if it was for sale and if I could see it, reluctantly she said yes and I bought it that afternoon.   It has a 350, a/c, 12 bolt in her.   It is now being completely restored.