This 1973 Corvette Convertible is an original 1 owner car that has been sitting outside on blocks with a cover on it for 13 years.  It is a complete car with a 350 motor.  Mice have gotten to it and made a huge mess, but it doesn't look like they've done any damage to it.  The interior is almost perfect with the exception of a little wear on the drivers seat.  Fortunately we were able to save this one!  Zack



The X33 code green Z/28 is in very decent shape & begging for help along with a few new parts to get it back on the road.  It is still sitting with the original DZ-302 & 4-speed.    JT    Texas
    This 1966 Chevelle Malibu 4 door hardtop was my uncles car.  In 1982 he drove it into a little garage behind his house in downtown Toronto, sealed up the garage door and it wasn't touched until July 2003 when he passed away leaving my Grandma as executor to his will.  She wasn't interested in it and gave the car to us.  When we went to look at it this is what we found.  A very solid and almost rust free Chevelle with a 283 and power glide transmission.  The interior was great and still had the original plastic seat covers on it.  While we worked on cleaning the house for sale we left the car in the garage.  When we returned to the car we knew by the empty boxes in it that we had to get the car out quick.  We sold it to a family friend who is having the car restored.  Zack
  This silver Z/28 is coded X77-D80 but was hit hard in the driver side and bent the sub frame.  The dash is even buckled on this poor old thing.  Over the years, it has been salvaged out for most of its parts and not much is left.    JT   Texas