Here is a pic of a 70's vette rotting away on a guys lawn in Manitoba that is "not for sale".  I have kept an eye on this for the past 6 years and it has not moved.  What a Waste.
  These are pics of a 1963-67 Corvette Stingray located in PA.  My in-laws' landlord has a nice 1966 Convertible fully restored and this was his donor.  It has been sitting in the yard since 1993, and the locals have given up on asking him to sell it.  Rob
Here is a 67 GTO that has been sitting on a side street for 26 years!  So many people have tried to rescue this poor old Goat but they are all turned away, just like I was.  The owner won't even come to the door, he has his wife do the rejecting for him.  The original 389 with 3 deuces & 4-speed have been removed & are sitting together in his back yard.  This car used to be perfect but sitting on htis side street and all the storms over the years are beginning to take their toll.  If I only had the power to make a decision for these kind of people.  Their options would be "Fix it, Cover it, or Sell it", "Or better yet, go tot jail for murder!"  JT from TX
    This is a 68 Firebird Convertible that a friend at work owned.  It sat in this so-called garage for over 20 years untouched.  It has a 400 engine with tri carbs.  The owner had the original carb and manifold and also had a spare 428 engine.  I personally am not a Pontiac guy, so I made some calls and hooked up a friend with the owner.  He got the car for $2000.