Plus more cars. 
To begin with, I have lived in a small town in PA since the mid 80's,since I was 15 I started to collect cars.  Now I'm in my 30's, I spent all my cash on cars, I'm getting ready to move and cannot believe the amount of junk I have.  I thought you might like to see them before I yank them out of the barn, yard, driveway.
1.  My first car is the 71 olds my grandmother bought new, I drove it for the first 2 1/2 years when I was 16.  It has Hurst dual gate, tach and gauges, buckets, posi and 350 worked with a whole lot of mondello parts and w31 heads, 400 trans, it will run, my first paint job in 89, just never could sell it.
2.  Next is a 72 Chevelle SS I bought in 89-90, real rough but is a U Code 402 bb, 400 trans, 331 12 bolt, gauges and have build sheet, it sat to this year I threw it together for my work car, still rough but not sitting, originally Muslane Blue, white bucket interior, oh yeah didn't have money in high school, the guy let me make payments on it for $750.
3.  Next is a 70 Chevelle SS all original bought and payments to same guy in 95, didn't have cash then either, just got married and house, it is a396, ac, 400 trans, 12 bolt 331, buckets no gauges, body is not to bad, original Cortez Silver with black stripes, saddle interior, and have build sheet.
4.  Next was my dads 64 GP that he never got to fix, I pushed it in the barn around 96-97, it is real solid, 8 lugs, Blue buckets, 389, ac, and the old slim Jim, I did redo the front end sheet metal last year and redid gas tank and moved it in out to keep things working, know how hard it was to find an ac box for a 64.  That's where may pop left off.
5.  Next is a 71 Chevelle SS 396 4-speed car I bought in 2000, original red with black buckets, no gauges, ac, it has a 12 bolt with 411's, it was friends car for 8 years, he blew the motor sold the body to a local kid who stuck a 350 in it, until I found it a month later, bought the body back and traded a rebuilt 454 I had for the original 396 and 4-speed, I bought allot of parts for it and even had the motor redone but got side lined, hope to finish when moved.
6.  Last is my 69 Z, bought it off my wife's Uncle, it is rough but pretty much all there except the 302, it now has a 67 Camaro 327 in it, been sitting since 91, didn't think it was real until I looked it over, cowl tag says x77, it was lemans blue with standard blue interior, has a 4-speed, 12 bolt, console and gauges and tach, just for fun I messed with it and got it running, and it runs pretty good.  I take it down the back road once in a while just to keep things working, this is just some of them over the years, I lost track, at one time there must have been 20-30 cars from me and pops, but I did sell off a bunch.
I wonder if I will ever grow up - I hope not!  Like all the rest, they are not for sale.  Thanks for letting me share.  Rob in PA