Got some information on a garage fire.  So after getting directions I took a ride over there and discovered a 1970 Chevelle SS Convertible.  After speaking with the owner I found out he bought it new.  Red w/red interior, white top and stripes, and to top it all off, it's an LS6 car with only 12,800 miles on it.  Too Sad, Dave
The Trans Am is a real 1969 TA, it belongs to someone in Texas that supposedly paid around $20,000 for it on ebay and has just let it sit ever since.  It's on 2 flat tires and still complete.
Another one in line for the car crusher is a 67 Skylark Convertible, all complete and not really a bad car.  Solid floors and fenders, bench seat, automatic.  Nothing really special but still sad!
This 1969 Camaro is sitting in a friends yard under a tarp.  Original stick shift V8 car, needs truck, 1/4 panels Real bad, interior, and fenders.  He has 1/4 skins to go with the car.  Could be saved...but by the time you finish it, you could go out and buy a finished one for less.  Connecticut