1970 Camaro SS/RS396/375hp, M-21 4-speed, 4.10.12 bolt posi, 56K mile car.  Brought to a friend's body shop 18 years ago, shop closed shortly after.  Shop owner said he would bring the car up to his farm to finish the car.  Stayed in touch until 3 years ago when the phone was disconnected.  Got the address of the internet using the old phone number.  Went to the house, knocked on the door, shop owner's ex answered the door and said he took off 3 years ago, and hasn't heard from him since, but yes, the Camaro is here in the barn.  Due to the condition of the barn, it was taken out as possible.  Had to disturb the chicken and her 3 eggs that made a nest in the passenger bucket seat.  All in all, still very solid with the original driveline still intact.  Dave
This 1965 GTO resides in Oklahoma, Somebody had a bad day with this car.  Damon
Found what's left of this 1966 SS decaying in a junkyard in Oklahoma.  Damon
1969 Z28 which now resides in a pig pin in the middle of a yard in Kansas.  Linda