1965 Impala 409 Super Sport, 1 of 2800 made in 65.  When I bought it, I did not know how rare the 409 was for the 65 model year.  I later found out that GM was pushing their new power plant the 396 so only a few 409's were made.  I bought it in Long Island.   I then had a friend of mine come up and trailer it back to Ohio where it sat for a few years until I returned.  One day I was bored so I squirted some oil in the cylinders, cranked it over and it started right up.  I drove it one time to a car show and to where you see it now.  It's been sitting almost 15 years now.  the white car keeping the SS company is an 83 Riviera convertible loaded with extras like 4-wheel disc brakes, digital dash and am/fm cb radio.



1969 Chevelle SS 196, factory bucket seats, original big block, 4-speed, factory sport steering wheel.  This car is complete and is rotting away since it is right next to the ocean.  Asked if it was for sale, the guy simply responded with "no" in Connecticut.
    The guy thinks it is worth the same in this condition as it would be restored.  It is a big block and is all there.  In California and still a very restorable piece.  Edward
I went to a junkyard today, and this place was untouched.  A few 70's Corvettes, tons of Impalas, 3 SS 396 66-67 Chevelles, lots of Rare BOP products.  The owner of the yard is senile and won't let any of it go unless it is 75 and newer.  Direct quote from the owner, "It's been in here 30 years, it won't hurt to be in here another 30 years".  I saw 6 sets of factory tach and gauge setups, 4 cars with numbers matching big blocks still in them, tons of consoles and bucket seats, tilt wheels, and 12 bold rears.  Will not sell any of it.  All sitting out in the elements.  These are 2 Impalas that were stacked on each other.  1969 Impala has hide away headlights, 12 bolt, power windows, 396, tilt wheel and a/c.  1967 Impala has tilt wheel, 396-325 horse, factory ps and a/c discs brakes and a 12 bolt rear.