This white 1967 body shell is in the PA area.  It had a/c but everything else has been stripped.  Real GTO though.  Andy
This 72 has been sitting for years.  12 bolt, 4 core, gauges, SS hood.  Can't be bought.
  Here's a 1966 Pontiac owned by a friend of mine.  We used to cruise nightly in this back in the mid 70's.  One day, he pushed it behind the barn where it lies today.  It was not a 2+2 but was a hardtop w/AM/FM, auto, bench seat, and a 389 V-8.  No plans to restore and a challenge to even try to junk.  May try to salvage the motor someday if feasible.  Eric
This white 1966 Convertible is the owners first car and he can't bear to sell it even though it's rotting into the ground.  It's a 389 4bbl 3 speed with no power options.  The owner converted to a 400 4 speed when he blew the 389 years ago.  The engine is out of the car.  Since being pestered by prospective purchasers, he's covered the car with a tarp but it's still outside.  Andy
This 1969 Convertible is a one owner car that's been stored since 1989 in a barn.  It has 135,000 miles on it and has YS 400, auto, console, sport wheel, deluxe wheel discs, cornering lamps, hideaways, AM radio, power antennae and a 3.55 open rear.  The owner kept it parked under a tree throughout the cars life and the leaves and dampness destroyed the body.