This GTO has been sitting for several years now, it belongs to a guy that claims he is going to fix it up but it has just been pushed to the side as he works on Vega's and Monza's.  The sad part is this is not the only GTO he has, there is a 68 convertible and a 65, a pair of 66's and a couple 68's.  I guess they will all just have to sit until someone comes along that will love them.
    This 69 Chevelle hasn't seen the pavement since the mid 80's.  All the usual sayings go with it too: "Not for Sale" and "I'm going to restore it someday".  It's in Canada
This Cutlass Convertible has been sitting in this auto wreckers for years.  It is complete right down to the radio.  Just recently the rear got squashed by something.  It is in Canada.
Here are some pics of a 1963 EJ Holden Ute, currently rotting in my back yard but due for a rebuild soon.  Honest!  I've turned down so many buyers off the street I've lost count.  It was in storage for two years at mother's place and when I wheeled it out, it was in the daylight less than 20 minutes before some bloke stopped and tried to buy it.  Byron