I found this 67 Camaro shortly after the cover had been blown off, basically needing 1/4 panels and a few interior trinkets, but this has been sitting here for a couple of years.  No one answered.  NJ
Sitting in my father's garage as a work bench for the past 8-9 years, originally a 427 car, factory a/c, ps, pb, pw, am-fm stereo, k66 ign, f-41 suspension, with a slew of NOS parts including NOS speed warning setup.
I have been trying to buy these Novas for a while now.  One has a 350, factory A/C, rear defrost, the other is a super solid body, but a banger.  Owner thinks they are worth a fortune.  Jersey
This car was pretty clean with a real nice interior, but looks as if it hasn't moved in quite sometime.  Factory a/c, buckets and console.  NY