I bought this house down the street from this dude, I saw the car from far away but wasn't sure what it was, GN or T-Type?  So, I went over there one day while he was mowing his lawn.  I asked what is up with the Buick, he then asked if I wanted it.  I was thinking $3000 and I would take it.  But he said he would take $750 for it.  I said OK.  He said it stopped running 9 years ago.  I got all sorts of parts with it, IAC, Crank Sensor, and so on.  Turned out that the oversized tires rubbed through the inner fender and broke a wire.  Anyway, a few thousand later, it runs like a top!!  It is a 1986 Buick Grand National 99% stock with 87k miles on it.  Bill
Here's a Pontiac GT37, enough to make one cry.  2 tattoo'd car fanatic's in WI just letting it rot.
Here's a couple 60's Chevelles that have been sitting in the driveway for years now.  The red one has been there for 15 years and the green one popped up about 5 years ago.  They are really rotted and they never move.  And they are not for sale, they are going to fix them up one day.  They would be good parts cars or maybe a fixer upper.  PA
I found this 396/325 HP matching #'s 1969 SS 4-speed Ragtop in a barn in the fall of 2003.  It has been sitting there since 1977.  With the door closed on the barn and very little traffic going by, I don't have a story about the 100's of people trying to go back and buy it.  In fact, I was able to purchase the car and it is in the process of being restored.  I will be bringing it back to life to stock condition with as many original GM parts as possible.  Tom NY