This is a 1965 Cutlass that has been sitting in my friends field rotting since the mid 80's.
These 2 Vettes have been sitting in a yard in MA for over 20 years.  The 68 Roadster is a 427/435 Tri-Power.  The engine is laying in pieces in the garage.  The coupe is a 71 350/300 4-speed.  Both cars are in rough shape, they are not for sale and belong to an elderly woman.
1967 Pontiac GTO.  I check on this baby every so often.  Been sitting at least 9 years.  "I'm gonna fix it up for my son."  Jim   SD
According to the owner, this car is an actual aluminum head 396 375 horsepower car.  It used to race at Pacific Raceways in WA in the early 70's until the engine blew and has been sitting ever since.  It is a 4-speed car with 6,000 redline tach.  The aluminum parts look like chalk!  The current owner has had it since the early 80's and still wants to restore it someday.  It sits in his backyard.  He said he felt bad for it a few years back and built a cover over it.