Here's a beauty: 1970 Monte Carlo, stuffed in the rear in 1993, sitting ever since. The owner of
the car is in the service, but Mom is determined to have the car fixed for her son.
It's more of a glorified parts car than anything else.- Dave O.

My neighbor found this 1967 Camaro rally-sport in some guys back yard. It had been sitting for
5 years. He changed the fuel filter, added some transmission fluid, and put in a new battery and the car
 fired right up. It runs and drives great. All stock! 327 engine with a automatic trans. Rust in the trunk
 and on the top.  Best of all was the price. $100 bucks! - Bob

This '67 RS Camaro was given to the current owner. He started working on it,
then gave up. But what he is asking for the car, I guess he thinks he could
retire on it. It sits one block away from the red '67 SS/RS that I sent pics
of. -Dave O.

This is a 1979 Trans Am.  It was stolen and later dumped in a creek.  The local law enforcement
 recovered the car and impounded it.  It was then sold at auction and ended up here in a local
junk yard.  This is a very complete car and has the following options:  Pontiac 400 motor with 6X heads,
4 speed manual trans., WS6 wheels, disk brake limited slip rear end, A/C, custom cloth interior,
power door locks, tilt wheel, and rear defrost.  This motor and manual transmission combination make
this a rare car with only 2,485 produced.

 It has been in this junk yard for over a year now.  They move it every few months with a huge
for sale.  Then they might take a $1000 for it.  They will not sell any parts off of it.  Maybe if
I go back 4 or 5 more times, it might actually be for sale!  The big question is: 
just how long was this car under water? - Hugh

This is one of 16 cars a guy I know has. The last time one of the cars has been on the road was 1986.
He has one 67 Camaro, six 68 camaro's, two 69 camaro's, two 56 Chevy's, a 66 Impala, 68 Nova,
 72 Chevelle. I've been trying to buy one for awhile now. He finally let me go back and look at them.
So I took pictures. One 69 Camaro is an R/S with original engine and 2 speed power glide trans.
One 68 Camaro is an R/S convertible with original engine and trans.
 I guess the guy might finally sell. (WHO KNOWS). -Kevin