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Hiding in plain site: Spent Thanksgiving at my Aunt's house out in western
New Jersey, and there's still quite a bit of iron laying around. This one,
according to the owner, is one of 10(?) made, and he wishes people would
stop asking if it's for sale. Well, sitting on a main road into town doesn't
help for exposure. I'm sure if he put a sign on the car stating "NOT FOR
SALE" would more than likely bring more inquiries. Oh well. -Dave O.


This one's sitting one road away from my aunt's house. Looking at this one
for years, and on Nov. 4th I drove by and saw a For Sale sign on the house!
On Thanksgiving I stopped by and was told the car would make the move with
the family when the house sold.

The house where this '69 442 sits has been empty for 5 yrs. according to the farmer who lives next door.
About 18 yrs. ago the car owner's mother took the car for a spin and hung the car up on one of the
suspension bridges on the same road the house is on. The farmer who I spoke to told me he and his son helped her
get the car off the bridge and then put it in the garage so her son (or the cops) couldn't see the damage right
away. It was then pushed out of the garage 7 yrs. ago, and here's where it lays. Since houses are being built nearby,
interest in the car has peaked according to the farmer. Bench seat, factory 4-speed car that is pretty much
original. -Tex

Below: Here's a 1975 Hurst Olds sitting in a wrecker's yard.

1968 olds 442
oldsmobile 442