I just happened to stumble across this 1969 Chevelle one Sunday sitting in a yard down from my house. The owner hasn't responded to me about it yet. Seems another lost muscle car to the elements and people that want to restore them and never do. So I am going to try to get this one for me and my sons.


   This El Camino is sitting rotting. Its been here for a long time and the owner claims he is going to restore it soon. It's a factory 4 speed car but slowly rusting in the bed. The bed has a big 1/2 inch thick piece of boiler plate welded in it to keep it from falling apart. What a shame he won't sell it to someone who will really restore it.
 This 1968 Camaro SS is located in a suburban area. It sits beside one of the only barns in town in a back yard of one of the oldest houses.  Most would not believe right near the much newer million dollar homes and businesses you would find such a thing. I hadn't seen it in about five years. They closed the small alley that ran next to it to traffic. After finding Carsinbarns, I ran over to see if it was there. I had to do a little Navy Seal work to get to it but there it was sitting in all its rotting glory. The shame is, this is California and the car was probably a choice rust free piece of muscle. Now, with all the moisture under it being trapped by that Ivy..the floors and rockers are probably swiss cheese.  Brian