I used to ride my bike on a 10 mile loop every couple of days and I often would pass by this house with a 66 big block vette sitting in the yard sinking into the ground. I stopped and knocked on the door a few times, but no one was ever home. I looked inside and everything was there. It was a 4 speed roadster with a 427 under the hood. One day I knocked and some old crispy guy came to the door. I asked if he would interested in selling the car. Before I could even finish my sentence, he yelled NO! and was slamming the door in my face. I was going to send them a letter and ask that they put it with the car title and if they ever changed their mind to please contact me and I would buy it. I never did that, and within a year's time the car was gone. Joe OH



      This is a 1969 Camaro all original, three on the tree manual trans, numbers matching, straight six. I was told about this car and where it was located also I was told "don't even bother she won't sell it everyone has tried". Well needless to say I was on my way anyway. I pulled in, quickly looked it over and made my way to the front door. In the middle of me knocking on the door the old woman opened it and said "Yes, I'll sell it to you". I guess I looked kinda shocked and she said "honey I don't mean to be rude but about 15 people a day stop and ask about it and frankly I'm tired of it". I talked to her for a few minutes and to make a long story short I drove the car onto my trailer and handed her $250. Guess I just had the lucky number.
  Here's a 71 Trans Am that I rescued after sitting since 83. The car was on 4 flats, sunk up to the frame. It's #'s matching 455 HO automatic. Was originally Luceme Blue. Joe CA
70-73 Formula 400 Firebird. 400 still there but intake and carb are missing. Car has been well picked over and extremely rusty, barely a parts car now.   NC