1976 Vette I found in GA, owner has owned it for 10 years.  Jeff
  My Dad's neighbor said bring $800 and I'll sell it to you.  After my father dragged the car home, it sat for quite some time with intensions to restore.  Being a retired body man and having a previous 69 Convertible, he took inventory and stuck it in the driveway with a $150 car cover to preserve it for the future.  This year, we uncovered it to start work on it and the picture tells the rest.
    I found this just down the street from my house.  It's been parked for 12 years and looks to be in running condition.  The interior is 100% intact, but is missing some bumpers and stuff.  The owner won't come to the door.
  1969 Camaro sitting in FL rotting away with many good parts still left on these cars.