Found this complete 66 GTO with nothing missing inside or out just rusting away.
  Found this 2 years ago in GA.  It's a 69 Chevelle SS rotting next to some guys house.  Not a great neighborhood so I never got out of the truck.  Seems to be in save able shape.  SS emblems still on the car, front and back and SS wheels...looks like motor is still in car. 
      This Nova has been sitting since 1976 and is an all numbers matching, true SS, with L30 327 and many options.  Hoping to rescue it myself but no luck yet.  The original owner passed away a couple of years ago and I have been talking to his daughter to try and buy this one for my own special project but sentiment and other factors have kept this Nova classic in the wild with its only company the possum who guards the 275 hp that once powered it
This car is a 1974 Nova SS.  It has a 350/300 hp engine, 350 turbo trannie, pozzy rear and its factory automatic on the floor, the car hasn't been driven since 1995.  It's not for sale.  It's sitting in PA and some day it will live again.  I know this because I am the owner.