I saw this sitting out by a shop.  It was owned by a 60+ year old gentleman that brought it by the shop for a few minor repairs.  Talked to the shop owner and said the guy never drove it and he had been working on it for years.  I asked if he might sell it.  Shop owner said that this was the first time the guy ever mentioned selling it, when he brought it by for repairs.  I left a note in the seat.  The guy called and said he had 3 kids that all wanted it, but no one wanted to give him anything for it.  Long story short, I now own it.  It's an original 1966 big block car.  The 1967 vents and hood were installed in the 80's.  Let's just say I got a deal and it is now under restoration.  Very, solid car.
This 67 GTO belongs to my Uncle.  He has been asked on many occasions and is unwilling to sell.
I just purchased this 71 ta.  It's an all #'s matching 455 HO automatic.  The car was originally Lucy blue on blue.  Story is the guy parked it in 1983 because his wife was ready to divorce him because of the car.  The car sat untouched in a gravel driveway sunk up to the frame in CA for 22 years.  The interior was a moldy swamp with 6" of water on the floors, the good news it still has floors.  Joe
Here is a 68 Impala in PA.  I stopped and asked about it.  The owner said their going to fix it someday.  There is no floors, aluminum siding for a quarter panel not to mention the tree that crushed the roof.