67 Lemans 4-door hardtop but is loaded with factory a/c, p/s, p/b, vinyl top, 326 v8 and dual exhaust.
    I found this 66 GTO convertible last year.  It has been sitting for more than 15 years.  it is an original GTO 4 spd was a tri-power car.  Now has Chevy motor.  I tried to buy the car even without the motor.  No go...he won't sell it won't fix it.  Heartbreaking.
  Found these 2 cars in KY.  The one is a 65 Pontiac ??? GTO we think.  We are waiting to talk to the guy that owns it to see.  The other is a 69 Firebird.
1967 Camaro sitting in the middle of a field.  Looked pretty picked, was tapped in the front at one point.