This is a pic of a 69 Hurst Olds that is 1 of 906 produced and roughly 1 of 300 with air conditioning.
Here's a few pics of a 69 H/O I picked up.  It is #886 of the 906 or so delivered late (last 2 weeks of production) in the Spring of 1969.  It was delivered to a dealer in MN.  It was driven in mostly good weather as the rust was very minimal.  The car was sold by the original owner in 79, then resold to a good friend in 1980 and he has had for the last 25 years in WA.  I ran into him this spring and talked about the car and was able to purchase.  It has been restored over the years and has a very wicked engine in it.  The engine is the 455 H/O built with special Mondello heads & cam, Kenne Bell 4 bolt main converted block, fully studded with custom pistons, etc.  Special K-B Turbo 400 switch-pitch converter too.  Really fun car to drive.  Brad   WA
1969 Firebird sitting in a junkyard.  Factory 350, a/c, p/s, console, p/b car.  Car is very savable.
1970 Chevelle sitting behind a house...Lady said that her husband was gonna restore it.