1968 Galaxie 500 XL fastback. It's an S code 390 car with a 4 speed.
Buckets and a console also. Sitting in South Dakota.
It was raced by Dyno Don Nicholson during the 1969 racing season and has
the original CJ428 built up by Car Craft to give over 600 HP.
The car remained in original condition,  except it is loaded with rust.
Here's the carcass of a 66 Cyclone Convertible. It was a 289 console auto car.
Below: This 1969 Mercury Cougar with a 428 CJ was found in a Florida carport rusting away in 1998.
It is the "Super Cat" by Car Craft and was given away by Coca Cola in a contest in 1970.
Presently, it is going through a $30,000 restoration in Northern Illinios to bring it back to new.
Dyno Don is involved in the restoration process to ensure it returns to its original glory
- submitted by Bill Hemrich