1970 Mustang Mach 1, 351 2v engine with FMX trans still intact. This mustang was painted in medium gold metallic with ginger interior. I found this rotting away in an old run down MI Dairy barn, where it has been sitting since the early 80's. The owner said I could take it away for $500. So I bought it. It's in pretty rough shape though.
    Here is a picture of my 65 Falcon. It has an interesting history so I just can't get rid of it. It was purchased new in 65 by an elderly lady in NJ. The lady had a head on collision in the car in 66 and died. My Grandfather was a Police officer and was contacted by the body shop where the car was towed and he agreed to buy it after the car was repaired. The car still has dents in the dashboard from the original owner. Anyway, he kept it until 83 when he gave it to me when I was 13. I drove it through high school and it has not been on the road since 87. I always thought I would restore it but there is too much rust now in the cowl and floor pans. I'm restoring and identical car now.
This car belongs to a friend of mine. It has been sitting for at least 20 years. It is a 67 Mustang fastback with a 390 3 speed standard. I think someone took out the automatic and put in a standard before he got it. It was totally redone in 79 and since then has sat in his barn at his farm. He started doing the interior and bought a 4 speed for it in the summer of 79 after the car was painted. While he was doing the interior the car got hailed on and he seemed to lose interest. I tried to buy the car as I had plans to clone it into a GT500 but he does not want to sell it. I remember racing against this car in the mid 70's. It really is one that needs to be brought back to life. Dale