The red one is a 64 Ford Falcon 2 dr hardtop 289 v8 auto. The other is a 63 Ford Fairlane 500 260 auto. Both cars are in a barn in MI.
  This is how I found this 68 Cougar with 289 and the merc-o-matic tranny. The body is solid with only minor cancer. It had been sitting for years and finally talked them into selling it to me.  $1000 later and I have my dream car! Towed it to my house and beginning restoration.
I took this picture today and would have got closer but heard the owner let his guard dog loose. Heard him coming and ran to my car. The dog stopped at the end of the property. This 65 Mustang has been sitting in this guy's back yard for a really long time. I can remember it from when I was younger. He'd terrorize all the kids and old ladies too. I heard that he dumped a whole load of money into this car before parking it. I think the guy is on some sort of mental disability and doesn't drive any longer. Kids around the block would call him "Crazy Cooter."