I spotted this 67 Shelby Mustang in a driveway in CT.  It has been out there for about a year now.  I stopped in and asked the owner if it was for sale, here is the story I got.     Apparently it belongs to a friend who had moved to California and he asked if he could store it in this guys barn until he sent for it.  That was like 4 years ago, the guy who's barn it is in is an artist, and got tired of waiting for his friend to send for the car, it was getting "in his way"...so, he puts it outside, uncovered and unprotected from the elements.  It is a running and drivable, numbers matching GT350 Shelby.....Not for sale and he cares not if it sits there and rots till his friend sends for it.   Bob
      Picked this 66 Fastback up in Jersey out of a storage yard.  Original stick shift car and needs everything.
    Factory 390 4-speed 68 Torino GT with a 9" rear.