Here's a 68 Mercury Cougar that I painted for a used car lot in 1989. It sat
under this carport for 5 or 6 years before a tornado came through and dropped
the carport on top in it. Now see what can happen if you let your classic sit
and wait for that "one day" when you start to restore it. - JC
Here is a 68 Mercury Cyclone GT, that my friend bought for $650 (we saved $50 by towing it home ourselves).
It had been sitting for 17 years and not started in the last 10 years. We had it running again in an afternoon.
It has a 325hp 390,C-6, 3:50 limited slip 9in rear. - JC
This 1970 Cyclone Spoiler has been
sitting since 1993. It still has the 429 Cobra Jet engine and it still runs but has some body damage...Allen
I found this car at a local wrecking yard ,a '69 XR-7 Cougar with factory 428C.J and ram-air with a/c,
it had sat there for at least 5 yrs. rotting. They initially wouldn't sell it , because of no title .
After months of negotiating I made a deal to purchase it. Most everything of value had been
removed complete drive train, etc.,The wrecking yard however was the worst contributor to the
car's condition, especially moving it in and out of there yard. tsk , tsk, if only they knew
this car in it's former glory !! -Mike Johns