The Mustang was my uncle's, his little sister, wrecked it in the mid 70's and its been in my Grandparents yard for about 25 years now.  As you can tell the engine and most of the front end are gone, but the rest is still in pretty good shape, just wind blown and dirty.  The Torino was my dad's, blew the engine in the mid 70's and it's been in my Grandparents yard for about 25 years now.  The Torino is in great shape, it's a GT, just needs to be cleaned up and rebuilt.  I'm only slightly mechanically inclined, but my Mother-in-law's husband and a buddy from work are great mechanics.  I've just about got the ok to drag these cars out and go to town on them.
  Found this right by my school here in MA.  1969 Coupe has a complete Shaker hood assy with 351 emblems, disc brakes, automatic with chrome Magnum 500 wheels on it.  Talked to a guy who worked where the car was parked, said its been there as long as he was 10 years old, but the owner was gonna fix it up some day.
Here is a complete 68 Mustang coupe that sat in the original owners back yard in the bushes rotting away.  At first he wouldn't sell, but after "wheeling and dealing" for about 9 months he finally had a price.  Now that 68 is mine under a complete restoration.  Jim