1966 Ford Fairlane 500 Convertible with a factory 390 4-speed.  Owner will not let anyone get to it because it will ruin his grass.
My Dad and I are in search of a Mustang Fastback to restore.  We stumbled over this one in a junkyard in KY.  This 65 inline 3-speed car was in exceptional shape from the body up.  The frame was on the ground and we could see through the engine bay and the trunk that the frame was badly rusted.  The whole trunk pan was rusted through.  We were sure under all that carpet that the rest of the pans were too.  But the positives about this car were that everything was there; all the emblems, glass was intact along with the window trim, all the interior was there.  The only thing missing was 3 hubcaps.  You may not be able to see in the pics but the car is literally buried frame on the ground.  Now the owner of this junkyard says it's been sitting for only 6 years, but we looked at the last tag on the plate and it said 78.  The owner is someone who may rub off as a guy that can't remember anything but he is as sharp as a needle.  It had about 75000 original miles. 
I found these 2 1966 Mustang Convertibles literally in a barn in OH by word of mouth.  They had been in there for over 20 years.  Both V-8 cars, White one auto, Maroon one Stick.  The white one had a pony interior, 8k rally pack.  I was able to rescue these and the white one is being restored by its new owner.