I found this car sitting at an old garage in FL while traveling.  This car is a 4 speed car too.  It didn't have any "For Sale" signs in it.  Nobody was around for me to inquire either.  Rudy
In 1977 at the age of 21, I bought a 4 cyl 4-spd Mercury Capri brand new.  After 12,000 miles I pulled the motor on my new car and put in a 69 302 , a c-4 and a Ford 8" r/e out of a Mustang.  After a year of driving this beast I bought my first house and had to get rid of the payment on my car.  So I sold it to someone who wanted a fast car but was not a gear head so he didn't know how to maintain a true hot rod.  After he drove the car for a while it developed a slight knock, not knowing what to do he parked it in his back yard.  I lost track of him and the car until July of 2004.  I saw him in a grocery store and asked what became of that old Capri, he told me he still had it (to my surprise) and was think of getting rid of it.  So I told him to give me a call if he did.  Well, he called in mid August and said he wanted to part with it, and get this, he would give it to me and toe it to my house!  I ran right over to seal the deal and took pictures of the car where it had sat for 24 years!  To my surprise it only has 38,000 miles on it and not a dent in it and the interior is like new.  Just needs cleaning.  The down side is it was under a grape arbor all this time and the exterior is ugly!  It is now home with me again waiting to be returned to it's former glory.y.
1966 Falcon Futura Sports Coupe 289 Automatic, sat in this yard 10 years, we recently bought it to get the engine and then resold it to a guy who plans on restoring it.  Cody
A 1970 429 SCJ Torino Cobra.  I found it in GA in March.  I bought it for nearly nothing.  Correct numbers matching block, tranny and rear end lying on the ground next to it.  Mark FL