1969 Torino G. T. 390 auto on column very solid, 100% complete. Of course none are for sale. JR
I have been looking for a Pantera for years and located this one in AL where the owners husband passed away and her son could not fit in the car so after 7 years in this barn, I acquired the car and removed the engine to find a 351 Boss engine that started on first try after changing the fluids. Eric
Here are some e pics of a 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback.  It was sitting in a junkyard down in NC.  I guess somebody needed some parts off her.....Josh
  This car is just sitting in a driveway in Philly.  It's a small block automatic car that is 100% complete.  I hope it doesn't sit much longer.  There was no answer at the door when I knocked.