Here is a 1968 Mustang with a 289 V8 and auto trans that is rotting away on a parking lot in Manitoba.  The owner says that he will let it rot away because he is sick of people offering less than what he thinks it is worth.  What a shame.
  I found this 1965 A Code manual car.  Owner imported it from California in about 1993 to restore.  Had to cut the tree down to move it.  No rust etc as can on trailer going to a good home in Australia.  Thought I would send pictures because people can not believe a Mustang can be left like this in Australia.  Stuart
1968 Mustang High Country Special.  This is a Colorado version of the California Special.  This HCS was bought new by the owners mom and had been wrecked and the front grill was replaced, as the pictures show, the grill should not have the chrome trim and running horse.  It is a slo missing the original decal on the side scoops.  I have not found another HCS in Black with Red Stripes and Interior.  The owner wanted way too much for a complete restoration project.  Dave
1968 Shelby GT500KR parked in a guys driveway with 4 flats and no protection at all.  The saddest part is it was parked in front of a 2 car garage that was full of stuff on the left and a space for the wife's car.  He also had an old willy's that had been backed into the Shelby's deck and broke the fiberglass lip.  He bought it new and was going to restore it one day.  Not for sale.  Dave