My uncle owns a 1970 Cougar Boss 302 Eliminator in Special Order only White.  1 of 469 with the boss motor in 1970.  This car was put up on blocks in 1983 and hasn't moved an inch for 21 years.  This car is all original and 100% rust free.  It hardly needs anything to be an original show car/driver. 
  Spotted this 1972 Torino Sport sitting behind a muffler shop in TN.  Appears to need a lot more than mufflers.  Most of the interior is deteriorated and the motor has been robbed of some of the major parts.
    I found this one in a local junkyard in Belgium.  It's a 1971 hardtop with a 6 cylinder.  As you can see it's pretty far gone, still there are some hard to find parts on the car.  We don't find many Mustangs in junkyards in Belgium.  I bought it for $99.  That's a bargin.  Helmuth