Mustang Diamond Blue car I bought in 1989 has 289 v-8, c4 trans, been off the road since 1994, broke the rear end.  Maroon 1986 Mustang bought for parts in 1994 289, ps, ac, tinted windows, remote mirror, console car.  Has been off the road since 1988.  The tree in our yard fell from hurricane winds and rain, busting out the glass and denting the fender.  Jeff MD
  Found a 1973 Gran Torino Sport sitting in a barn in rural Indiana.  Talked to owner and he said he bought in 1974.  It's been sitting for the last 10 years and there is too much sentimental value to let it go.  Sitting beside it is not a muscle car but it is a 1976 Lincoln with only 30,000 miles that was his grandpa's car and not for sale either.
This boss 429 was for sale in early 81 for $3500, it was sold and put on the trailer home...the trailer was hit by a truck on that faithful trailer ride and the car and trailer flipped.  The engine was amazingly untouched after the crash and was taken out in 89.  It was recently sold at auction for $6000.